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Steeler Yachts

Freedom on the water as the final piece of a relaxed lifestyle. We realise that a motor yacht of superior quality is not one of the necessities of life, but should that beautiful piece of the jigsaw be on your wish list, we will build a boat together with you. Thus, your enjoyment would start at the very first construction meeting. Your wishes will be reflected in our experience and our continuous drive to build a slightly better and more beautiful boat each time. The approach of a joint construction process with aclient is one of the distinguishing features of the Steelers.There are a number of principles that are central to each yacht. The quality of the materials must be excellent, the people who build your ship are craftsmen, dedicated professionals, who are driven by just one ambition – building elegant yachts with hidden enjoyment in functional and comfortable innovations that we devise for and together with you. A ship that is your ship through and through.

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Saffier Yachts

Saffier is a Dutch yard building just the sort of boats sailors have been looking for. All Saffier Yachts are designed and built by people with a huge sailing pedigree who know exactly what they’re doing. As a result a Saffier Yacht is a joy to sail and to look at and, depending on the model chosen, are perfect for daysailing, weekending or coastal cruising. Every model has been designed to sail well and to look good. In short, they are the antithesis of the archetypal, high-volume modern cruising yacht.A Saffier is also an impressive sea-boat and one that could make a great little club racer for a small crew.

Please contact any of our Offices for more details of these amazingly beautiful Yachts or for an appointment to view and sail one yourself.

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Johnson Yachts

Johnson Yachts have been manufactured and exported yachts for nearly 30 years. We focus on custom design and build luxury motor yachts from 65 to 125 feet models with competitive pricing, to satisfy the needs of our clients worldwide. Johnson Yachts have a customer-oriented attitude and exceptional after-sales service. To date we have sold over 300 yachts worldwide.The founder, John Huang, started by building sail boats. Soon he realized that there were limitations on space and comfort with sail boats; the intention to build more luxurious, high quality motor yachts began. He then led a team of professionals and started what is known as “Johnson Yachts” today. Designed by renowned Naval Architect Bill Dixon these yachts virtue truly world class in all respects.

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Zenon Yachts

Seven years of extensive research, sourcing and organisation of the required tools to establish a solid base, Zenon Yachts was formed in 2007 with the aim of manufacturing quality GRP mouldings of the John A. Bennett designed Sunquest range of motor yachts for the self build or finished yacht marketplace.The main objective is to provide quality mouldings at a realistic and affordable price with complete turnkey help with component lists, prices and with a list of carpenters, upholsters, electricians, plumbers and mechanical engineers if you require. All models can be produced to whatever completed stage required by the buyer as well as supplying any of the component parts needed to assemble and finish the motor yachts.

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