2017 Saffier Se 26ft

The Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is the new generation open sailing yacht. Produced by a wharf that has proven its qualities in the past years.

Her beautifully lined hull combined with a modern underwater ship, deck layout and rigging make her a yacht that turns heads. The Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor can be sailed completely from the helmsmen position. All the sheets, halyards, reefing lines and kicking-strap lead to the winch consoles that can be managed within the reach of the helmsmen.

The Saffier Se 26 open day sailor can easily seat 8 people comfortably. The sprayhood can easily be set up in no time. Because the Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is a fast and sportive sailor, she can also be equipped with a spinnaker or genaker. For those that have no limitations with depth, the Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is equipped with a deeper modern bulb keel in combination with a deep spade rudder. The Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is equipped with two cabins in the front and can be fitted with a toilet, refrigerator and cooker – sink. Additionally, there is a lot of storage room for storing clothes, food and other goods.

The jib is self tacking and the furling system is below decks to make the shelf of the jib run nicely over deck. Especially noticeable about the Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is the possibility to equipe the yacht with either a tiller or a helm. The cockpit is very spacious and a lot of attention has been paid to ergonomics.

Basic Boat Info

Make: Saffier
Model: Se 26ft
Year: 2017
Category: Power
Construction: Fiberglass


Length: 26.25 ft / 8.00 m


Boat Class: Cruisers

Glass reinforced polyester 7mm thickness from bow to stern,15mm thickness over keel line.  Polyester keel surface enforced with roving to a thickness of 0.87 in. Keel surface equipped with 4 athwartship beams for distributing the keel forces. Water line and striping are laminated with a gel coating. Colour: Sapphire blue

  • Built in sandwich construction, anti-slip structure in deck and cockpit floor and laminated with a gel coating.
  • Deck is fitted with teak toe rail with water drain holes.
  • 4 fixed cleats with sprayhood cover with windows and brackets fully folding down.
  • The front deck contains an anchor case.
  • The roll reefing system has been placed below decks so the jib can run over deck.
  • 2 x self tailing winch (Harken) on winch console.
  • Main sheet rail is assembled on the quarter deck, delayed by means of main sheet blocks and is operated from the backside cockpit edge through a rotating base and clamp. Deck is fitted with a provision for a self turning jib.
  • The quarter deck is fitted with a hatch for storing materials.
  • Very spacious cockpit with sufficient room for 8 persons.
  • All sheets, halyards, reefing lines and kicking-strap can be operated by one person through a tiller by means of both winch consoles.
  • An electrical winch can be placed on the winch console for electrical hoisting of the main sail.
  • The console, that is placed in front of the cabin entrance, provides space for a log/depth/wind meter and a magnetic compass.
  • A so called “destroyer” wheel steering can be placed in the cabin.
  • Cockpit is laminated with standard anti slip structure.
  • The cockpit gives good back support, a wide seating area and sufficient depth for maximum comfortable seating.
  • A cockpit table can be fitted in the cockpit floor.
Keel and Rudder


  • Solid lead with 4 x 22 mm bolts and nuts.
  • Draft 1,03 meters.
  • Race model is 1.30 meters deep.


  • A balanced rudder with tiller and tiller extension.
  • A steering device can be attached to the shaft of the rudder below decks.
  • A so called “destroyer” wheel steering can be attached to the rudder in the cockpit by means of a quadrant.
  • Diesel motor Lombardini 2 cylinder 12 pk sail drive with dashboard complete with time counter, tachometer and alarm.
  • Stainless steel gas oil tank with 40 liter capacity tank with fuel filter and water separator.
  • Easy accessible motor through foldable motor case.
  • Sound proof insulated motor case.
  • Battery motor 12V/55 A
  • On board battery 12V/100 A
  • There are two cabins in the forecastle. Dimensions 2.10 meter x 1.80 meter (shoulder height).
  • It is possible to install a refrigerator. It is possible to install a toilet.
  • There is sufficient room for storing sailing gear, food, etc.
Technical Equipment
  • All valves, skin conduits and air bleed valves are made of brass.
  • All hoses and piping have been approved according to ISO and CE standards.
  • Mast, spreaders and boom are made of aluminum, type Selden.
  • Mast can be lowered by man power.
  • All ironwork is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • The boom is equipped with two reefing lines (runt through the boom) and kicking-straps.
  • Reefing lines and kicking-straps are directed towards the cockpit.
  • All sheets run through the mast.
  • Main rigging, lower rigging, bow and stern are made of stainless steel wire with turnbuckles.
  • Coming from UK/Vries Sails and made of high quality dacron that underwent a stiffening process to keep the sails form retaining and wear resistant.
  • Main sail standard equipped with 2 reefing lines.
  • Size of main sail 19 m2
  • Jib 14 m2
  • H and-held bilge pump
  • 4 fenders
  • 4 hawsers

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